The Story

In 2020, I was reading a book about my grandfather, Akbar Ladjevardian, who was a successful entrepreneur in Iran before the revolution.

A solo founder at the time, I was lonely and needed some guidance. I wanted to be able to ask my grandpa questions and get his advice. Even though he knew very little about AI, his principles of life and work were timeless and could be applied to any situation.

Leveraging AI, I created a clone of him using his book to capture his essence so that I could apply his wisdom to my own life.

Delphi’s technology allowed me to preserve the legacy of my grandfather so that I could learn from him in a personalized way.

Now, we are making Delphi available to help creators, coaches, experts, and entrepreneurs who want to scale their knowledge & time infinitely.

Read more about Delphi’s founding here.

The Product

Delphi allows you to enable 1-1 personalized interactions at scale with your audience. How? Delphi’s digital cloning platform can capture how you think, making your knowledge, experiences, personality, and opinions available to others, in a personalized way.

We partner with people such as creators, coaches, politicians, influencers, and CEOs, including Keith Rabois, Brian Tracy, Sol Brah, Tiago Forte, !llmind, and others, allowing them to scale themselves to expand their reach, provide an interactive personalized experience for their following, and gain a better understanding of their audience.

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The Vision

Delphi was built with a simple idea: help the movers and shakers of our world — be it the YouTube creator, startup CEO, or influential thinker — touch more lives.

These people have game-changing insights but there’s only so much of them to go around. Delphi’s here to multiply their impact. Think of it as giving them a megaphone to reach every corner of a room, ensuring no comment goes unnoticed and no fan feels left out.

While our primary focus revolves around empowering creators, experts, coaches, and CEOs, the ripple effects benefit everyone. As consumers gain unprecedented access to tailored expertise, leaders gain deeper insights, broader reach, and lasting legacies. Delphi isn’t just a product; it’s a revolution in how we perceive, disseminate, and consume wisdom.’


As more and more people create digital clones, Delphi can become the the modern-day GPS for life’s journey—a tool where you input your past experiences and future aspirations, and it presents you with a path illuminated by mentors who’ve treaded similar roads.

In charting this journey, Delphi achieves two feats. Primarily, it democratizes mentorship, breaking down the barriers of time and access. Secondly, it inadvertently births digital immortality.

Your Delphi clone doesn’t merely represent you; it ensures your wisdom transcends time, impacting generations to come.