If you have a clone that is the Prodigy tier you will be able to issue yourself a key to access the API.

Issuing Yourself an API Key

  1. Login to Delphi
  2. Go to your Clone Studio integrations page and click Clone API
  3. Click Issue API Key
  4. An API key will appear on your screen. Copy the key and store it in a safe place. Once you navigate away from the page you will not be able to see it again, and will have to issue yourself a new key if you lose it.

Currently we only support one key per user account.

Using Your API Key

To use your API key, simply add the x-api-key header to any API requests to api.withdelphi.com.

Example header to include in a request:

'x-api-key': 'Your Token Here'


Your key will give you the ability to perform any of the actions in the API for any clone that you have created.

Rate Limit

Your key will have a rate limit of generating 50 Clone Responses Per Minute to start off. If you require more, reach out to us at [email protected]