User Personalization

Personalized Interactions

On the Delphi platform, when users interact with clones, the clones remember facts about each user. These memories persist across interactions and make future conversations increasingly more personal.

If you are using Delphi to power a custom application, there is a chance you may want users of your application to have personalized interactions with clones.

For example: Imagine that Alice uses your clone on Monday, and tells it that she works at a Silicon Valley Bank as a Teller. If Alice comes back on Friday and mentions her job in a new conversation, would you like the clone to remember where she works? If yes, you most likely want personalized interactions.

How to Personalize?

Our API supports user personalization through including the user’s email in API requests. Simply include, when applicable, the user’s email in your requests to the Delphi platform and we will take care of the rest. The user’s email is used to tie all their interactions with a clone together.

Anonymous Interactions

There is also a chance you will want clone interactions with users of your custom application to be anonymous. This is the default: simply omit adding a user email and the clone will not remember anything about previous interactions.

⚠️ Important Warning ⚠️

It is your responsibility to ensure user emails are being used correctly. If we detect improper usage of the personalization feature, your account and API access will be suspended immediately.


More details are explained on the Create New Conversation page, the primary route this impacts. If you wish for a conversation to be personalized, include the user_email.

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