Clone Settings

We highly recommend requiring login for usage of your clone. This is mainly because the clone conversations become more personalized to the end user the more they use it.

So your followers, employees, and fans can actually build an ongoing relationship with your clone that becomes better and better over time.

Clone Socials

On your clone’s profile page, you can share your clone on different socials. You can also add your own socials so that end users can find out more about you (and discover more of what you have to offer).

Share Clone

Suggested Questions

As a clone owner, you can edit the suggested questions that appear to the end user. Users often click on these to get the conversation started. We have found that adding good suggested questions increases conversation satisfaction substantially since most people do not necessarily know the best way to start a conversation.

Talk Page

On the talk page, there are a couple of actions you can take:

  • Suggest Topic: have the clone suggest a new topic of conversation
  • Call Clone: (coming soon) have a voice call with the clone
  • View Sources: view citations used in the clone’s response
  • Play Voice: play the clone’s response in its voice
  • Save Message: you can save a message to your saved folder to store all interesting insights in one place
  • Revise: revise the clone’s response (going deeper, more concise, or providing a specific anecdote/example)
  • Share Conversation: you can share your conversation with others
  • Conversation History: you can view past conversation history
  • New Conversation: start a new conversation