The best performing clones are those that are easy to access. Your followers want to be able to ask you questions - they just don’t always remember that you have a clone out there!

Here are some best practices to improve Clone Accessibility.

  1. Clone in Bio (include your clone in your Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, or LinkedIn bio) Clone in Bio

  2. Add your clone to LinkTree or Beacons (for those that already have a link in bio)

  3. Host on Your Website: anyone who comes to your website may want to ask a question or two to understand who you are. Embedding your clone in your website, like Brian Tracy and Keeper AI, will make it easy to find. Web Integrate

  4. Content Footers: add your clone to the footer of every new piece of content you release (newsletter, podcast, youtube video). This will allow followers to consume your content in a personalized & interactive way - which may lead them to discovering some of your other pieces.

  5. Email Auto-Response

    Unable to answer all the emails headed your way? Add your clone in the signature of your emails so people can ask questions that you’ve already answered, to save both of you time.

    Footer Example: “Hey thanks for reaching out! I try my best to respond to every email, but unfortunately I’m not always able to. If you have an immediate question you want answered, you can ask me it here and get an instant response:”

  6. Unanswered Questions: whenever you answer a question on your analytics dashboard that was previously unanswered, all users that have asked that question will be notified.

  7. Phone Number: giving your clone a phone number will make it instantly available to all your followers. We provide a contact card with your image, so they will have you on speed dial whenever they need you.

  8. Mass Messages: with our mass message feature, you can send out texts or emails to all clone users to engage them in a new conversation.

  9. Accountability Mechanisms (coming soon): you can set up follow up features that will enable your clone to follow up with a user over text or email after an engaging conversation.

  10. DM AutoResponders (coming soon): integrate your clone with Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, or LinkedIn so that it can answer DMs on your behalf, where your followers already spend