Delphi is a global platform, and we understand the importance of language in communication. We have made it a priority to support as many languages as possible, but there are still many missing from our supported languages list. If you donโ€™t see your language here feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] and request a language be supported.

Clone Language Settings

  • During Clone training you can choose a default language for your Clone.
  • If you enable the Multiple Languages option in Clone Studio, your Clone will respond in whatever language the user is using during text-based conversations.
  • Additionally, users of your Clone will have the option to specify their preferred language for website voice calls.

Language Support for Conversations with Clones

Language Support for Clone Content Transcription

We automatically detect the spoken language in Clone training content that include audio. The following are supported languages for uploading audio/video files to train your Clone.