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Delphi is a digital cloning platform that makes the knowledge and experiences in people’s minds available to everyone, enabling users to get personalized advice from those who have already achieved their version of success.

On the demand side, imagine a more direct & personalized Masterclass. What if you could get startup advice from Paul Graham? Negotiation strategies from Chris Voss? Personalized to your specific circumstance? Well, now you can.

On the supply side, Delphi allows people to scale their time & influence, so that a wider audience can access their knowledge & insights, in a more personalized way.



Dara Ladjevardian, Co-Founder & CEO

  • Physics & CS at Georgetown University.
  • Built AI applications at C3 AI for government agencies, including Stratcom, the command in charge of our nuclear weapons
  • Started and sold Friday, an AI assistant for shopping
  • Product Engineer at OpenStore, where he built an automated marketing engine leveraging the most recent advancements in AI

Sam Spelsberg, Co-Founder & CTO

  • CS & Cyber Security at UVA
  • Captain of 3-time national championship winning Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition team
  • Crypto Services Engineer at Apple. Youngest member of key team responsible for Apple’s encryption APIs, private key infrastructure, and certificate management
  • Data Infrastructure Engineer at OpenStore. Built and scaled OpenStore’s data ledger, responsible as the source of truth for all data processing at OS.


Founders Fund | XFund | Lux Capital | MVP Ventures | Balaji Srinivasan

Founders of AngelList, Capital, Bungalow, EightSleep, OpenStore, Wander, Soylent & more


We are developing a cloning architecture that not only captures how someone sounds or what someone knows, but also how they think and reason, so that users can leverage the mental models of an expert and apply them to an entirely new situation.

We will then focus on creating a delightful & engaging consumer learning experience that provides continuous value. Once we have enough demand, we will bring on more supply to add to our collective hivemind of human experience.

About You

We are building a world-class team. We learned first-hand from Keith Rabois how Paypal was able to become the behemoth of talent its known for today.

We are applying those same principles to our hiring process. We’re looking for outliers: crazy thinkers with entrepreneurial tendencies. People who aren’t afraid to question the norms of society. Most importantly, we’re looking for optimists who can ship fast while maintaining a high bar for quality.

Why You Might Like Delphi

  • High Ownership & Impact: you will be joining as a founding member. You will have high ownership, equity, and influence over the direction of the product & company.
  • Goal-Oriented: we are a goal-oriented, growth-mindset-focused team who aim to be the best versions of ourselves in every domain. Working at Delphi will likely force you to become the healthiest (mentally, physically, and professionally) version of yourself to date. All employees have an unlimited budget to spend on books.
  • Dream Big: we have a bunch of crazy ideas and ambitions for what Delphi can become. We’re early and we aren’t afraid to test the limits of what’s possible in this evolving space. You will have full support to test all your wildest ideas related to Delphi.
  • World Class Investors: we are supported by some of the best investors in the industry.

Why You Might Not Like Delphi

  • If you prefer a regular 9-5 job. We plan to win, and winning isn’t easy. We work harder, longer, and smarter, and we expect every team mate, including ourselves, to go above and beyond.
  • If you thrive in certainty. Delphi is a dynamic and rapidly-evolving company, and we are looking for team members who are comfortable with uncertainty and are excited about the possibility of building something new and innovative. We are a pre-product-market-fit company in a pre-product-market-fit industry (AI). The space is moving and we will likely move with it. Some might find this exciting, others might be intimidated.
  • If you’re only interested in the technology. We are amazed by what AI can do, but it’s important to stay focused on the customer and the problem.

What Delphi is not:

  • A search engine
  • An entertainment company
  • An NPC platform for the “Metaverse”


Delphi - Founding AI Engineer

Role Description

As the Founding AI engineer at Delphi, you will be responsible for building and maintaining the AI infrastructure that powers our cloning and personalized conversational platform.

We are operating in brand new territory. You will work directly with the CEO & CTO to leverage & develop the latest & greatest in large language models to perfect our cloning technology & innovate to truly capture the essence of someone’s mind.

If you are passionate about using AI to transform the way people learn and grow, this role could be a great fit for you.

About You

  • Experienced in building full-stack NLP applications. You have a track record of designing and implementing successful NLP projects, particularly in the areas of conversational AI and reinforcement learning. You also have experience in prompt engineering and are familiar with the latest advances in LLMs.
  • Strong problem-solver and communicator. You have the ability to identify and solve complex problems, as well as the communication skills to effectively convey your ideas and solutions to a diverse audience.
  • Open-minded and optimistic. You have an open-minded and optimistic approach to problem-solving. We are in an evolving field, so open-mindedness followed by curiosity & execution is key to success.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit. You have a drive to create and innovate, and you do not require much hand-holding to get things done. Bonus points if you’ve started company before.

Delphi - Founding Product Engineer

Role Description

As the Founding Product Engineer at Delphi, you will be responsible for bringing to life a beautiful, seamless conversational & learning experience for consumers, and an intuitive cloning experience for creators.

We are operating in brand new territory. There’s a lot of hype to AI, but the key to winning is building interfaces that abstract away from the core technology & focus on providing a magical experience for users. Design will be one of the major things that sets us apart, and we think about it in everything we do. You will work directly with the CEO & CTO to innovate on conversational interfaces & AI product experiences.

If you are passionate about our mission & making AI accessible through beautiful UX, this role could be a great fit for you.

About You

  • Design-centric engineer with experience taking products from 0 to 1. You have a strong focus on design and have a track record of successfully taking products from concept to launch. You have high empathy for the customer and understand the importance of creating beautiful and intuitive experiences.
  • Expertise in frontend development. You have extensive experience with React, Next.js, CSS, and TypeScript and are comfortable building responsive and scalable frontend applications.
  • PM experience. You have experience writing product specs, creating figma mockups, & iterating on customer feedback. Extensive experience is not necessary - we value slope over y-intercept.
  • Experience working on beautiful consumer experiences at a venture-backed startup. You have a track record of creating successful consumer products and have experience working in a fast-paced startup environment.
  • Passion for design and brand. You have a strong appreciation for design and understand the role it plays in creating a standout product. You are excited about the opportunity to contribute to the development of the company’s brand and aesthetic.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit. You have a drive to create and innovate, and you do not require much hand-holding to get things done. Bonus points if you’ve started company before.

Required Readings

If you join Delphi, you will be required to read the following books. We will obviously cover the costs of them:

  • Zero to One by Peter Thiel
  • Build by Tony Fadell
  • 7 Powers by Hamilton W. Helmer
  • Mastery by Robert Greene
  • Loonshots by Safi Bahcall