How to set up Zapier Webhook

Here is a useful guide from the Zapier team about creating your first Zap.

  1. In your Zap, make sure that the Event that you setup is using “Webhooks by Zapier”, configured with the option “Catch Hook”.

Setup Webhook

  1. You can skip the section “Trigger”. This is not important for our use case.

  2. Then, in the “Test” section, you will be provided a Webhook URL.

Webhook Url

  1. Copy the URL and paste it in the “Zapier Connector” section of “Integrations” tab in Clone Studio.

Zapier Clone Studio

  1. Click “Test Webhook” to validate that you have configured everything correctly

If you have set it up correctly you should see the following in Clone Studio Clone Studio Zapier Success

And in the Zapier dashboard you should see the following Zap Dashboard Success

Click “Save” in Clone Studio to save your configuration, with the Webhook Events that you would like Delphi to publish for this clone turned on, and you are off to the races!

What can I do with a Webhook event in Zapier?

Once the webhook event is captured by Zapier you can do whatever you want with it.

Here is an example Zap set up to send a slack message when we catch a webhook event from our clone. Zap Slack Example

The possibilities are essentially limitless, you are only limited by the integrations that Zapier offers.

Request an unsupported event

Delphi currently only supports a limited selection of clone events to trigger emitting a Webhook Event to Zapier. If you have some sort of event or clone interaction that you would like to trigger a Zapier webhook, but do not see it as an option in clone studio then feel free to reach out to the Delphi team at [email protected], or send a message in our Discord.