Your Delphi clone is a dynamic extension of you. It amplifies your reach without sacrificing a moment.

Let’s explore six ways to unleash the full potential of your digital twin.

Website Embeddings

Website Embedding

You can embed your clone into your website as an iframe or a chat widget in the bottom right corner.

Imagine every visitor to your website greeted personally by you — or rather, your digital clone. This touch transforms your site from a mere digital space to an interactive, engaging experience, offering real-time guidance and insights from you, directly.

Slack integration


Embed your clone in Slack to provide on-demand expertise and guidance. It’s like being in multiple conversations at once, ensuring your wisdom can touch every discussion.



Whether it’s through WhatsApp, SMS, or Superphone, your clone can handle inquiries and even casual banter, mirroring your unique communication style.

Voice Calling


With voice call capabilities, your digital clone isn’t just a text-based interaction. It’s a voice that resonates and advises creating a more personal connection.

You may be skeptical of audio from your experiences w/ Siri or Alexa, but Delphi voice calling is a 10x improvement. Check out a conversation with Brendon Burchard.

Email Auto-Response

Manage your inbox efficiently. Incorporate your clone in your email signature to answer frequently asked questions. This not only saves time for you but also for those reaching out. Here’s a footer example to guide you:

“Hey, thanks for reaching out! I do my best to respond to every email, but sometimes, I’m unable. For immediate questions, ask me here for an instant response:

Social Media DMs


Soon, your clone will engage with your social media followers, handling DMs on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

It’s a groundbreaking way to maintain constant, meaningful engagement with your audience.

Each of these features is a lever for you to autonomously scale your influence and we have more coming!

If you have any questions or need assistance, our team is on standby. Join our weekly office hours or contact us directly for support. We’re dedicated to making your journey with Delphi as smooth and impactful as possible.