Uploading affiliate products has never been easier, thanks to Delphi’s new Shopify sync feature. Seamlessly connect all your existing products, either via your Shopify URL or by bulk uploading a CSV file. Empower yourself with this new superpower in the realm of digital commerce.

Seamless Fusion with Shopify


Gone are the days of cumbersome product uploads and tedious manual entries. With our latest feature, effortlessly integrating your Shopify store into the Affiliate Products Portal becomes a breeze. This integration simplifies your workflow and opens up a world of possibilities for showcasing your products.

  • Log into Clone Studio and head to the Monetization tab. Click ‘Import’ and ‘Sync Shopify.’
  • Enter your Shopify URL and and click ‘Connect Store.’
  • Select the products you wish to import and watch as they populate in your affiliate portal.

Product Reference Control


Our frequency control feature grants you the autonomy to fine-tune the visibility of your products within conversations, allowing for adjustments that range from subtle mentions to frequent highlights. This adaptability ensures that your audience engagement aligns perfectly with your strategic goals, whether you aim for minimal intrusion or maximum exposure.

  • In the Affiliate Product page within Monetization, click ‘Edit’ on any product whose frequency you wish to adjust.
  • Customize the frequency at which you want that particular product to be referenced in conversations with users.