Delphi can not only amplify your influence, but also open up exciting avenues for passive income.



With Delphi, you can establish a paywall for interactions with your clone, choosing to charge per message, per minute of voice calling, or even a monthly subscription. This flexibility allows you to tailor the experience to your audience’s preferences.

DJ Sam Feldt uses this feature to offer exclusive music insights and interactions with his clone for a monthly subscription. This creates a unique and personalized experience for his fans while generating revenue.

Intelligent Upselling

Utilize your clone to subtly steer interactions toward your products or services. Consider a business coach whose clone, after a series of insightful discussions, suggests enrolling in their exclusive online course for more in-depth learning.

This intelligent upselling keeps your offerings at the forefront, providing value to your audience while enhancing your income.

You can have your clone mention specific products by adding custom instructions on the train page. ex. “After 10 messages, guide the user towards signing up for my online course here

Affiliate Marketing


Your clone is your 24/7 brand ambassador, recommending products in line with your expertise. For instance, a startup founder might have their clone suggest their favorite bank during relevant conversations, with each purchase through the clone’s referral generating revenue.

This approach turns every interaction into a potential sales opportunity, aligned with your personal brand and recommendations.

Superchats - Coming Soon

Superchats will enable your audience to pay for personalized, real-time interactions with you. This premium service offers an exclusive and intimate form of engagement, adding a new dimension to your digital presence.

You could offer any form of interaction that would excite your fans, from written responses and video messages to phone calls.