Human insights, not AI summarization

As AI becomes more powerful and all-encompassing, we believe that information from humans will become more and more valuable - it will be the only signal in the noise of infinite AI-generated content. Humans are mimetic creatures and want to learn from people who have achieved their version of success. This is why podcasts, books, and twitter are so popular. This is why we believe AI is more valuable as an augmentation of humanity rather than a replacement of it.

Privacy First

You own your clone and your data - what you do with your clone is fully under your control.

Inherent Drive for Greatness

We approach this in every facet of our lives - work, health, integrity, relationships. There’s no such thing as perfect, but there is such thing as the constant pursuit of greatness. We keep each other accountable to this every day.


We should not being doing things because of external hype. Our decisions are made on our own understanding of the world around us. Everyone in AI right now is extremely mimetic - moving from one thing to another. We must focus and be grounded on the reasons that are driving our actions.

Customer Obsession

We appreciate individuals who create products that address real problems. They have empathy, and thus usually good communication skills. UX & design are top priorities in this company because we want the experience of using Delphi to be extremely delightful and intuitive for our users.

Good Quests > Bad Quests

We want to have a net positive impact on people’s lives.

High Velocity & High Quality

We are using velocity here intentionally. Speed is the absolute value of velocity - we want to move quickly but in the correct direction. We cannot sacrifice quality for speed - we must have both.

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