Delphi provides a custom-hosted link where people can access and converse with your clone.

Your link is in the following format:

Clone ProfileClone Talk

Website Embedding

You can embed your clone into your website as an iframe or a chat widget in the bottom right corner.

Expert users can style the embedding, and Prodigy users can fully white-label (removing the “Powered by Delphi” copy.)

In the website integration settings, you can choose whether or not to require user log in, how many messages you want to allow a user to send before logging in, and whether or not you want to display suggested questions.


Prodigy tier users can access our API and embed their clones within their applications.


Expert tier users can add their clone to slack. Slack users can then tag the clone for a response.


Expert tier users can add their clone to discord. Discord users can then tag the clone for a response.


You must apply to add your clone to a phone number via Whatsapp or SMS.

We also have a partnership with Superphone! Sign up for Superphone and integrate your API key with your clone under the “Integrations” tab to have your clone respond to texts.

Voice Calling

Clones with an uploaded voice will be able to receive voice calls on the Delphi Talk page.

Clone Calling via SMS is coming soon!


Allow your clone to respond on your behalf to Instagram DMs (other social platforms coming soon).

There are 3 different response settings:

  • Have your clone respond to every DM
  • Have your clone respond to certain DMs (that match a specific rule or topic)
  • Have your clone respond only when the user consents to getting a response from a clone

Issues or Recommendations

If you have any issues setting up the integrations, would like assistance setting up integrations, or feel as if there are integrations missing from this list please reach out to us at [email protected]