With Delphi Adapt, you create multiple instances of your clone, each with its own objective and purpose. For example, you may have a version of your clone for your paid community, a version for the public, one for your employees, and even one for your family - each with its own objective and memory access permissions.

How to Create a Clone Instance

On the home tab of Clone Studio, you can click “Create Instance” at the bottom of the page.

The following is a list of parameters that can be customized for a clone instance:

  • Title: the title of the clone instance
  • Slug: the unique, routable slug that can link to your instance
  • Language: the language of this clone instance
  • Headline
  • Purpose: the specific objective of this instance in any conversation
  • Document Selection: you can choose which memories (or documents) this instance is trained on. It will only be able to talk about things in this selection.
  • Custom Initial Message: the first message in conversation of this clone instance
  • Image: a custom profile picture for this instance
  • Response Length: creativity and max response length for the instance

You can then share this clone instance with the unique instance URL, or you can embed it in your website by selecting the instance and copying the iframe code.

Embed Instance