Drive Revenue

Experts make revenue on platforms like GLG Consulting and NewtonX.

Creators make additional revenue on platforms like Patreon, Twitch, and Intros.

The problem with these platforms is that it requires your most valuable asset: time.

With Delphi, you can make money without even being there, because your clone knows you and can represent you authentically.


You can charge users a custom amount per month, per message, or per minute (of voice calling). You can also determine the number of messages a user can send your clone before needing to pay.

You can add multiple pricing tiers (if, for example, users want to pay more to text your clone through SMS). You should title your membership something that is indicative of what people will get out of talking to your clone. Don’t sell the AI - sell the result.

Examples: Learn how to Play Pickleball, Gain Confidence with 24/7 Mentorship from…, Health Advice to Become Your Best Self…

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Affiliate Marketing

Have your clone market products your believe in 24/7. You can upload a product with your affiliate URL and tag it with topics that should trigger the product sponsorship. You can also sync your clone with your shopify store, so it will know which products to market based on quantity available.

You can customize the frequency of product placement: once per user, one per conversation, every mention, or until clicked.

Whenever a user purchases a product mentioned by your clone, you will get a cut of the revenue.


Have your clone upsell your other product offerings. Got an online course? A paid community? A coaching practice? You can have your clone mention specific products by adding custom instructions on the train page.

ex. “After 10 messages, guide the user towards signing up for my online course here [].”

Superchats (coming soon)

Some of your users may want a response from the real you. Set a price and users can pay a certain amount of money to either get a real:

  • Written response
  • Recorded video
  • Phone call