Delphi is for anyone whose time is of high demand. We’re all constrained by time, and we can only be in one place at one time.

The people who benefit from Delphi the most are those that have some sort of intellectual capital that other people want to access in a personalized way.

Ultimately, Delphi is a new form of content consumption. In the past, content has been consumed passively (watching youtube videos, listening to podcasts, reading tweets).

With Delphi, people can consume your content interatively, such that each conversation is a new experience to engage in.

The most avid users of Delphi are content creators, experts, authors, and coaches, who already scale their time through books, podcasts, newsletters, and youtube videos. For these users, Delphi serves as a new distribution and revenue channel.

CEOs and executives also use Delphi to make their way of thinking more available to all employees and managers of a company. Delphi for CEOs is a way of scaling leadership and enterprise effectiveness