Delphi offers a unique opportunity to engage with a multitude of clones by the people you admire most, from entrepreneurs to authors and more. Let’s explore how you can make the most of your conversations.

Let Clones Get to Know you

Each conversation you have with a Delphi clone is an opportunity for it to understand you better. The AI behind each clone is designed to adapt and provide increasingly personalized advice over time.

The more you interact, the more nuanced and targeted the clone’s guidance becomes, reflecting a deep understanding of your needs.

Save insights


Ever had a moment of clarity or received a piece of advice from your clone that resonated deeply?

You can save these insights for future reference. Each significant thought or suggestion can be revisited on your Saved page, allowing you to reflect on these moments and integrate them into your life or work.

Just click the bookmark icon in the bottom right of any message you want to save.

Conversation History

Your interaction history with a clone isn’t just a record; it’s a map of your personal journey. By viewing your conversation history, you gain insights into your evolving questions, concerns, and the clone’s growing understanding of you.

Be sure to visit the Saved page if you ever want to revisit any of these conversations.

Text and Call

Want to chat on the go? You can text some clones for quick advice or call for a more in-depth conversation. These options offer flexibility in how you interact with your favorite clones, ensuring that you can access their wisdom whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the move.



Curious about the sources behind a clone’s advice? Delphi clones come equipped with the ability to provide citations, giving you the opportunity to explore the roots of the information shared. This feature also acts as a portal allowing you to find content relevant to your conversation.

Delphi clones are your personal advisors that grow and evolve with you. Every interaction is a step towards more personalized, insightful, and relevant advice.